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Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

September 3rd, 2022 | by Editorial Team

Best Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a life changing milestone, and this important moment deserves a jaw dropping ring. You’ll see a variety of engagement ring styles, but vintage engagement rings have increased in popularity in recent years. 

Brief History of Oval Diamonds

Although diamonds have been cut into oval variations for hundreds of years (dating back to the 1300s), the modern “ideal” oval cut we see today wasn’t created until 1957 when a Russian-born diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan invented it. Kaplan came from a family of educated jewelers, including his uncle, Abraham Tolkowsky, who is the diamond cutter known for inventing the “Ideal Cut” diamond. Similar to his uncle, Kaplan’s legacy will be the ideal cut oval diamond. It even procured him a spot in the Jewelers International Hall of Fame. 

What Is a Vintage Engagement Ring?

Vintage engagement rings can mean rings from the past as well as newer rings that have a vintage style. They’re popular for being timeless and the unique way that they display diamonds and gemstones. While you can find vintage engagement rings with a variety of diamond cuts, ovals continue to be sought after. 

So why are oval cuts so popular? They have many benefits! Oval diamonds are more affordable than a round-cut gem of the same carat weight and clarity. The shape gives the illusion of a larger diamond as well. Like round diamonds, ovals feature the same sparkle and brilliance. Oval diamonds look flattering on the hands because the shape makes your finger appear longer and more slender. 

Vintage Oval Engagement Ring Designs

While it’s helpful to discuss vintage oval engagement rings, it’s more beneficial to see some examples: 

Vintage carved orchard solitaire engagement ring

Vintage carved orchard solitaire engagement ring

This vintage-style ring features an intricately engraved scroll border leading to a dazzling center stone. The center stone is held in an elegant crown-shaped six-prong basket. You can select the type of metal and choose either a natural or lab-made diamond. It’s a great option for those who want a unique, vintage-style ring.

Vintage celtic entwined trinity knot engagement ring

Vintage celtic entwined trinity knot engagement ring

The dazzling center stone (either lab or natural diamond) of this vintage-style ring is displayed in a classic four-prong setting. It has a beautiful detailed Celtic knot shank design, and comes in 14K or 18K yellow, gold, rose, or white gold as well as platinum. This is a great option if you want a delicately detailed band!

Vintage carved cathedral engagement ring

Vintage carved cathedral engagement ring

Delicate pave diamond motifs adorn this antique-inspired ring that lead to an elegantly set center stone. The cathedral ring shank features fine milgrain embellishment on the front view that catches the light from every angle. It’s a great option for a vintage lover who wants an Art Deco vibe.

Vintage celtic engraved engagement ring

Vintage celtic engraved engagement ring

Celtic knots and engraved scroll details create a vintage-style band for this engagement ring. The leaf motifs on the front view graduate towards the four-prong center stone.

Vintage glamour ribbon swirl engagement ring

Vintage glamour ribbon swirl engagement ring

This elegant vintage-style engagement ring features a beautifully shaped split shank that crosses and joins to accentuate the center stone. Its filigree styling on the front view and beaded detail on the band add extra detail. It’s beautiful from all angles and great if you want a little extra sparkle on your engagement ring.

Vintage milgrain diamond engagement ring

Vintage milgrain diamond engagement ring

Classically designed with utmost elegance, this pattern of milgrain setting with marquise metal shaping and rounds creates a stunning engagement ring.

Vintage filigree classic engagement ring

Vintage filigree classic engagement ring

This vintage-inspired engagement ring features a combination of modern styling and romantic aesthetics. It has a kite-set sparkling center stone highlighted by beaded filigree detailing on the shoulders and scrollwork in the gallery.

Vintage carved scroll solitaire engagement ring

Vintage carved scroll solitaire engagement ring

The crown-like basket of this vintage-inspired ring holds its central diamond with six evenly-spaced prongs to create an elegant, hexagonal-shaped setting. The shank is engraved with an intricate antique-style scroll border.

Shop Engagement Rings

Shopping tips for Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

  • Research and buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns in case you’re dissatisfied with the product. 
  • Select diamonds certified from renowned institutes like GIA and IGI.
  • When selecting your gemstone, choose quality (color, clarity, cut) over the carat size
  • If your budget is tight, consider an engagement ring with lab-made diamonds. 
  • Be aware of any skin sensitivities as you select the metal for the engagement ring. 
  • Consider your budget as you browse for vintage engagement rings. It’s also essential to consider your partner’s likes and dislikes before making a final decision.


  • Is an oval-cut diamond a good choice for vintage engagement rings? 

Oval diamonds work well in vintage engagement rings. The shape creates the illusion of a larger gemstone. Its round shape and lack of points makes this a durable choice as well because it’s less prone to chipping. 

  • What does an oval ring represent? 

An oval shape represents uniqueness and individuality. The oval is the shape of an egg, so it also symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and family.

  • Are vintage engagement rings expensive? 

Buying a vintage engagement ring typically offers more value than buying a new ring. 

  • Which is a better cut, round or oval? 

This depends on your own preferences because they’re both amazing cuts. A round  diamond is a true circular shape while oval-cut diamonds are elongated with rounded edges. Both cuts are durable shapes with plenty of brilliance. If you’d like another type of gemstone as a center stone, consider moissanite, sapphire, or emeralds. While some like the look of opal, they’re better as an accent rather than a center stone because of durability. 

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