With Clarity vs. Brilliant Earth

With Clarity vs. Brilliant Earth

When you're shopping for fine jewelry, you have plenty of available options. Two brands that you'll see are Brilliant Earth and With Clarity. In comparing these two brands, we discovered that With Clarity is the brand to consider. Keep reading to learn how we came to that conclusion.

With Clarity Benefits

With Clarity grew from the founders' own frustrating experience of browsing engagement rings using traditional jewelers and online options. As a result, Anubh and Slisha created With Clarity to improve the ring-buying process by combining technology-enabled 3D-printing with customer-friendly online shopping with compassionate, helpful resources of in-person shopping. Their goal was to make the engagement buying process less stressful.

Quality and Pricing

One important concern when buying fine jewelry is the quality and the prices. Sourcing and grading diamonds is complicated, but With Clarity aims to make shopping for a diamond simpler. They've done this by vetting each step in the process so you can shop confidently and get affordable prices by going straight to the diamond source. They select trusted diamond cutters who use ethical practices to source and shape With Clarity diamonds. With Clarity offers lab grown and natural earth mined diamonds that come with a GIA or IGI certification respectively

1 ct Lab Grown 1.5 ct Lab Grown 2 ct Lab Grown 2.5 ct Lab Grown 3 ct Lab Grown 3.5 ct Lab Grown
With Clarity Starting at $562 Starting at $992 Starting at $1,690 Starting at $2,700 Starting at $3,931 Starting at $5,833
Brilliant Earth Starting at $1,070 Starting at $1,710 Starting at $2,490 Starting at $3,930 Starting at $4,880 Starting at $8,280

Home Preview

With Clarity's Home Preview program allows you to try on up to two custom replica rings from the comfort of your own home. This option is one of the most popular items at With Clarity. It's an innovative idea that bridges the gap between online and in-person shopping by allowing you to try on jewelry at home using replica rings. You receive up to two rings to try on for three days. These replica rings look exactly like “real” With Clarity engagement rings, and are made of a white metallic alloy and round one carat diamond simulant. When you’re done, simply mail the rings back. Trying rings on allows you to buy confidently and purchase the ring you want.

Consultation with Diamond Experts

You can make an appointment with a diamond expert where you can select which diamonds you'd like to see either in person in the With Clarity NYC offices or virtually. In this appointment, you and a senior gemologist can view the diamonds, discuss its quality attributes (4 C's), and ask questions.

Compassionate Customer Care

When you're shopping for a diamond and designing a ring, it's common to have plenty of questions. You can talk to With Clarity gemologists who have decades of experience for both natural and lab diamond guidance. They also have design consultants on staff who have design expertise and can help answer questions about creating and finding jewelry to fit your needs.

With Clarity specializes in custom jewelry and rings. You can contact them with your rough or detailed custom ring idea and get a quote back within a day with pricing info. Their team of gemologists and design consultants works in-house in NYC to make all the custom designs.

Returns Shipping Warranty Financing Resizing
With Clarity Free, insured returns within 30 days of receipt Free, insured shipping Lifetime warranty With Clarity Credit Card and Affirm One free resizing within 30 days of your purchase
Brilliant Earth Free returns within 30 days of receipt Free shipping Lifetime warranty to manufacturer defects Affirm or Wells Fargo Jewelry Advantage Credit Card One free resizing within 60 days of your purchase

Shop with Confidence at With Clarity

With Clarity's pillars are technology and compassion, and this combo makes purchasing an engagement ring less stressful. They're innovative ideas for the 3D rendering for custom jewelry and the home preview ensures you get exactly what you want.

It's also helpful to read about their commitment to sustainability and read actual customer reviews. They have thousands of 5-star reviews if you want to read about other's experiences. Plus, they're rated an A+ with the BBB as well.

Another reason With Clarity continues to grow so fast is their inventory of earth-mined and lab-made diamonds. They have plenty of diamonds in all shapes and sizes in a variety of quality levels so you can find the perfect diamond for your loved one and your budget.

It's also helpful to know that they have experts who can answer your questions about anything jewelry related. It's nice to have an accessible diamond expert via phone, chat or email when questions arise. They're also available if you have questions about warranties, insurance and returns.


What kind of jewelry does With Clarity sell?

With Clarity sells a range of quality diamonds, rings, and fine jewelry that fits any budget and a variety of tastes. They also have a Home Preview program that means you can see your ring in person before you buy.

Where is With Clarity jewelry manufactured?

With Clarity produces their jewelry in New York. They create engagement rings, wedding bands for men and women, gemstone rings and other types of fine jewelry.

Does With Clarity have real diamonds or lab diamonds?

With Clarity sells natural, earth-mined diamonds and lab diamonds. As you browse for jewelry, you can toggle between the two to see the impact on price.

Does With Clarity offer custom-made jewelry?

Yes, With Clarity offers custom-made jewelry. They’re unique in that you can bring them any sketch, image or sample and With Clarity brings it to life with 3D computer models and 3D printed wax renders. Another unique feature is that the custom jewelry piece takes 3 weeks from the date of the order. Custom jewelry from other companies can take months.
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