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Picking out an engagement ring seems like it is the easiest part of the engagement/wedding, but it can be quite overwhelming once you are presented with all the options. There is a plethora of designs on the market and knowing which one will impress your partner can be quite a challenge.

We first recommend discussing styles with your partner before purchasing a ring. If this is something you want to keep a secret then you can try getting your partners' friends or family to figure out their style for you. If you’re lucky, your partner will be interested in a Celtic Knot style ring which can drastically reduce the number of options you need to sift through.

Celtic Knot

Celtic Knots are gaining in popularity these days and for a good reason too. For starters, they have an incredible history. Celtic Knots can be traced back to the 8th century.

Whether they were featured in jewelry, artwork, or decor, they have been around for a long time. Some historians and researchers have claimed that Celtic Knots have been around much longer, as in 500 B.C. longer.

Celtic Knot Engagement Rings

If history isn't what inspires your partner to choose a Celtic Knot engagement ring, it probably has to do with the meaning. Celtic Knots have a beautiful meaning when tying them to love, romance, and commitment.

The Celtic Knot is a common type of symbol that means loyalty, love, and faith. Its pattern is a looped knot that never ends as it has no start or finish which can represent eternal life or love, and isn't that what engagement is all about? That is what makes this a popular choice for engagement rings, the design symbolizes commitment.

Popular Celtic Knot Engagement Ring Designs

Vintage Celtic Entwined Trinity Knot Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Entwined Trinity Knot Engagement Ring

The Vintage Celtic entwined trinity knot engagement ring is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a Celtic Knot to be front and center. The diamond is showcased in a four-prong setting and is front and center of the ring. However, the Celtic Knot is a large aspect of this ring and is not overshadowed by the stone at all.

Vintage Celtic Square Knot Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Square Knot Engagement Ring

The Vintage Celtic square knot engagement ring is a great option for those who love the symbolism of the Celtic Knot but don’t want the knot to be front and center of the ring. The diamond is the real star of this ring with the Celtic Knot subtly tucked into a modern square design that wraps around the band.

Vintage Celtic Twist Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Twist Engagement Ring

Another classic and bold take on the Celtic Knot engagement ring is the vintage Celtic twist engagement ring. This ring features the symbol boldly and classically. The Celtic knot wraps around the front of the ring and around the gemstone that is held with a classic four-claw prong. Set in gold, the ring features bold clover-flower motifs adding a vintage touch.

Vintage Celtic Interlaced Solitaire Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Interlaced Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another subtle take on the Celtic Knot is this vintage Celtic interlaced solitaire engagement ring. This ring features a very vintage style that is inspired by old-fashioned Celtic knot designs. The shank features interlacing shapes to represent the Celtic Knot and the front of the ring features a four-prong claw setting to showcase the gemstone.

Vintage Celtic Heart Engagement Ring

Vintage Celtic Heart Engagement Ring

Back to the bolder side of rings, this vintage Celtic heart engagement ring features a massive dazzling stone on a highly detailed shank. The Celtic knot wraps around smaller gemstones on the shoulder and features a trail of small heart designs around the band. This ring is bold, beautiful and has a vintage feel to it.

Metal Options for Engagement Rings

The metal options for engagement rings can be quite jarring to choose from. When picking out metal for any type of jewelry be sure to make sure the wearer is not allergic as many metals can cause reactions to those with sensitivities.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most classic of the metal options, but also the most expensive. Gold in general exudes luxury and is often the first choice. However, yellow gold is mixed with copper which can be an allergen. Yellow gold won't rust or corrode over time and the color will never change. It might develop a patina depending on the wearers’ habits but this often makes the ring look more beautiful over time.

White Gold

White Gold is a great option for a modern piece. It is very durable but it is more on the pricey side. It has a yellowish-white look and is mixed with metals like nickel to create the tone. It won't scratch as easily as platinum but it can be hard to wear if you are allergic to nickel.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is also made with copper. The combination is what is responsible for the color. The most common alloy of rose gold is 75% pure gold and 25% pure copper. This combination makes 18k rose gold. Rose gold has a very modern feel to it and is not a great choice for vintage pieces but depending on the band, it can work!


Platinum is made from a combination of ruthenium, iridium and cobalt to create a hypoallergenic metal option that looks like white gold but can be worn by those with sensitivities. Additionally, it's much stiffer than white gold and affordable.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Celtic Knot Engagement Rings

When shopping for rustic wedding jewelry, be sure to always think carefully about your budget. Not everyone has the desire or the financial freedom to spend a ton of money on a ring, discuss this budget with your partner and try to find a middle ground you are both happy with.

If you buy diamonds, ensure they come from ethical sources. If your partner is more earth minded, consider lab grown diamonds as they are much more eco-friendly than naturally mined. Lab grown diamonds are more affordable and are often more ethical than naturally mined diamonds. They are usually more beautiful, and bright as the lab has more control over their imperfections.

Choose a reputable source with good reviews and a good return policy. Any good diamond seller will have certifications like GIA and IGI so you can be confident about your purchase.

If you are getting a wedding ring set with different metals or a single ring that has different metals mixed into it, ensure that you are not allergic to any of the metals in the ring before buying. Additionally, it is smart to keep similar tones together in the rings as silver and gold don’t often mix well together.


What does a Celtic Knot ring symbolize?

A Celtic Knot ring symbolizes eternal life and love with no beginning or end.

Which is the best metal for a Celtic Knot engagement ring?

The best metal for a Celtic Knot engagement ring is 14k white gold or platinum.

Is the Celtic Knot Irish or Scottish?

The Celtic Knot is strongly associated with Ireland. However, they are also found in lots of Scottish cultural depictions, in their artwork, decor, and more.

Does a Celtic Knot engagement ring have gemstones?

Celtic knot engagement rings can definitely have gemstones as they can be weaved into the design beautifully. However, they don’t have to have gemstones, this is up to the personal preference of the wearer.
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