Emerald Meaning

Emerald Meaning

Emeralds have a vibrant green color that creates beautifully focal jewelry. Their gorgeous hue has beautified many pieces of value throughout the ages. In fact, emeralds of the optimal shade and transparency can be even more valuable than a diamond.

Spiritual Meaning

Through time, the emerald has been known as a symbol of truth and love. In ancient Greece and Rome, emerald was said to be the gemstone of the goddess Venus, purveyor of love and hope. On the other side of the world, emeralds were revered by the Incas and believed by the Egyptians to be a source of eternal life. Emeralds were considered to be a gift from Thoth, the ancient god of wisdom. The emerald is also known as a stone of intuition, associated with sight and the revelation of future events and truths.

Emotional Meaning

While the ruby is known as the primary color of love and passion because of its red hue, in ancient times the emerald was also considered to be a stone of love, its green color representing vitality, new beginnings and the spring season. For this reason, it's the perfect gemstone to represent happy new beginnings, love and an eternal relationship. Emerald can also represent a faithful relationship and strong natural connection with a partner.

Some believe that the emerald can reveal true love and bring partners closer together. While the ruby is known to be the stone of passionate love, the emerald is known to be the stone of faithful, deep and mature love. For these reasons, the emerald is a great gemstone to present to a loved one for an engagement or anniversary, or as a promise ring.

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Wellness Meaning

The emerald is believed by many to be a healing gemstone for ailments of the body and mind. Many ancient healers believed that wearing or being near an emerald would promote wellness of the heart. Additionally, some thought the green color and soothing properties of the emerald would bring relief to the eyes and heal vision ailments. In ancient times, to treat the eyes, emerald were soaked in water overnight, and the water was poured over the eyes. Because of their mythological rejuvenating qualities, emeralds are thought to revitalize tired organs and treat parts of the body like the kidneys, pancreas and the immune system.

Emeralds are also believed to have a soothing energy that generates freshness and vitality in the spirit of the wearer. A stone that embodies patience and compassion, the stone imbues the wearer with those same qualities while enhancing mental clarity and focus. When kept in the workplace, the emerald is said to have an energy that promotes creativity and harmony among team members. It is thought to bring focus and activate creativity.

Emerald Birthstone

Emerald is known as a gemstone for those born in the spring. For those born in that time, the emerald is thought to bring renewed life force, success in new ventures and good health. The emerald is also said to help the wearer see things clearly and rationally, encourage meditation and reflection, and bring out the natural wanderer, explorer and scientist.

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What is the emerald known for?

The emerald symbolizes truth and love. It is also known as the stone of intuition, associated with sight and the revelation of future events and truths.

Can I give an emerald engagement ring?

Yes, an emerald is considered the stone of love and represents happy new beginnings. Therefore an engagement ring embellished with this gorgeous green gem is a great option for a romantic proposal.

Emerald is the birthstone of which month?

This precious gem is the birthstone of May.

What color is an emerald?

Emeralds have a vibrant green color. The best stones display pure green to bluish green hue with vivid color saturation.
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