How To Make Sure You Get The Perfect Emerald Stud Earrings

How To Make Sure You Get The Perfect Emerald Stud Earrings

Next to diamonds, emeralds are most certainly one of the more popular gems that are worn in the world. Emeralds are mainly consistent of aluminum silicates, which makes them members of the family of Beryl. Beryl, by itself is colorless, so the emerald is colored by a green hue which is derived from tiny particles of vanadium and chromium. This particular shade of green is dependent on the location it was mined in and the portion of particles that is included. If traces of iron are found in the emerald, then it possesses a bluish tint.

No matter the size of the emerald, they all have inclusions of particles. These so-called flaws are responsible for the delicacy and beauty of the gem. Inclusions, such as different sized fissures, microscopic crystals, and even bubbles, apparently grow into the emerald and this modifies the clarity of the stone. There are no stones that are free of inclusions.

So don't fret if you are searching for just the right pair of natural emerald stud earrings. Find a shade you like and accept the inclusions as not only proof that they are real emeralds, but also that they are one of a kind.

Emerald Stud Earring Shapes

Emeralds come in distinctive shapes and sizes, much in the same way as diamonds, but are also selected, based on the different shapes of people's faces. Some of the more popular shapes for emeralds are outlined below:

emerald stud earrings in round vs oval shape

Round cut emeralds are the most popular and versatile shape for studs. Oval and round-cut emeralds are similar in shape, but the oval cut is longer. A modification of the oval cut can result in shapes such as marquise, pear, and heart cut emeralds. The round cut is the most popular shape for studs as it has both sparkle and lovely green color.

emerald stud earrings with center stones of cushion emerald and radiant shapes

Princess cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, cushion, or radiant cut emeralds all have a slightly rectangular or square shape. The finished look is elegant, and not necessarily as sparkling but more showcasing the color. This shape is a unique alternative to the round shapes.

Emerald Studs Setting Styles

While there are many styles in which stud earrings can be set, the focal point for all earrings is the center emeralds and showcasing their color. Some of the styles include bezel, channel, bar, pave, prong, flush, martini style, tension, solitaire, just to name a few. The most common emerald stud earrings are bezel and prong set.

emerald stud earrings with bezel settings

Bezel Setting

Emerald earrings are bezel set in a variety of shapes, but most commonly round. The round emerald is set within a metal like gold or platinum and encircled on all sides by the metal. Bezel settings are very secure and showcase the metal and emerald in equal parts.

emerald stud earrings with prong setting

Prong Setting

Prong set emerald earrings are set securely in a metal basket, where the stone is held in place with prongs. There can be 4 or 3 prongs that hold the stone in place securely. With the prong setting, a greater amount of light hits the gemstone and enables the color and the sparkle to really come alive. Prong set stud emerald earrings are the most popular and make for a classic gift or a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Emerald Stud Earring Metals

Emerald stud metals include popular choices such as, platinum, gold and sterling silver. 24 karat is the purest of gold that exists in the market, but because of its malleability, it has to have other metals as an alloy in order to make it durable. Durability is required for it to be worn on a daily basis. Gold is available in rose, yellow and white when it is mixed with other metals. When it is mixed with copper and zinc, the result is yellow gold, while a mixture with silver and palladium give white gold. When it is mixed with copper, rose gold is the result.

Platinum is a more expensive metal than gold, both hypoallergenic and highly durable, with great luster. Platinum is mixed with a minimal amount of iridium but is usually 90-95% pure. Ultimately, platinum is a heavier, more dense, and durable metal. However, it is heavier so be sure that it is comfortable for you to wear. Gold is a classic choice, in terms of weight, durability, and versatility in matching with both diamonds and gemstones.

Emerald Stud Backings

screw backs for emerald studs

Screw Backings

Screw backings are secure and classic. The emerald is held in place by either a prong or bezel setting. Attached to the basket that holds the stone, are screw posts onto which a backing gets screwed on. This makes for a secure and sturdy fastening that enables one to wear emerald stud earrings regularly without any risk of them falling out.

friction backs for emerald studs

Friction Backings

Friction backings are made similar to screw backings but are held in place with a friction post that holds the backing in place. These are easy to wear and secure for everyday long term wear.

How to Buy Emerald Stud Earrings

Emerald Earrings are vetted and graded based on their color and clarity characteristics. Be sure to work with a jeweler that can give share information about the quality of the emerald before you make your purchase. If looking to buy natural emerald earrings, be sure to buy a pair that is only heat treated. Heat treating is a permanent treatment that enhances the color and clarity of the emeralds without introducing any foreign elements into the gemstone. Over 95% of natural emeralds are heat treated. Be sure to buy 14 karats or 18 karats gold or platinum as an earring setting metal. These precious metals have great durability and beauty that lasts a lifetime.

How to Care for your Emerald Studs

Whether it is your birthstone, a gift, or an heirloom your emerald stud earrings should last very long with proper care. Cleaning with a soft cloth can get rid of dirt deposits, as emeralds are unable to withstand harsh chemicals. No extreme temperatures, as emeralds can be easily cracked if they are exposed to harsh temperatures. Store emerald earrings in a soft pouch or jewelry box and away from other jewelry to prevent scratching. Emeralds are expensive, so giving them special attention and cleaning regularly can keep them shiny and new.

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