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Yellow Sapphire Value and Worth

Yellow Sapphire Value and Worth

Yellow sapphire is a popular alternative for those wanting a rare yellow diamond. Additionally, these cheery stones are associated with many benefits, such as attracting positivity. Despite its immense astrological properties, this sought-after gem is relatively affordable. This is great because yellow sapphire gemstone has terrific color and clarity, making it a fantastic choice for all types of jewelry. Suppose you’re considering yellow sapphire jewelry for yourself or someone special in your life. In that case, you may wonder how much this canary-colored gem costs. Here’s a brief guide!

Yellow Sapphire Popularity

Yellow sapphire has historically been a popular choice, but for different reasons than today. In modern times, many people seek out this yellow-colored gem as an alternative to a canary yellow diamond. Because for most individuals, natural yellow diamonds of excellent quality are pretty expensive. The yellow sapphire, on the other hand, offers similar beauty for a lower price. In the past, yellow sapphires were cherished for their auspicious qualities. The stone was believed to draw success and luck to the wearer. Yellow sapphire is also a sacred stone in Hinduism, where it is the aid of the God Ganesh.

Yellow Sapphire in the Past

Yellow sapphire is known as the Pukhraj stone in Hindi. It has long been associated with the God Ganesh and the prosperity he can bring to households. Additionally, in Vedic Astrology, it is linked with Jupiter, the planet of riches, wealth, knowledge, and power. Many believed wearing the stone could bring them success and riches, and it was often incorporated into jewelry as a symbol of good fortune. It was discovered in Sri Lanka, a region with mining activity for over 2000 years. People from the Middle East and India are believed to have worn yellow sapphires for centuries.

Yellow Sapphire Today

Astonishingly, many people in modern times didn’t know yellow sapphires existed. They were often less recognizable than their cousins, the blue and red sapphires. However, with the rise in popularity of yellow diamonds, this look-alike gained notoriety. They’re quite popular in yellow sapphire engagement rings.

However, some may wear a yellow sapphire ring or another jewelry item for its auspicious symbolism. A stone of knowledge, power, and prosperity, it can be very popular with entrepreneurs, business owners, or those looking to succeed.

What is Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire is considered a fancy sapphire. It is a cousin to blue and red sapphires. They are formed from the mineral corundum. The presence of iron gives the gem its yellow tint. yellow sapphires can range from yellow-orange to yellow-green and even yellow-brown. They may also be rich and saturated or lighter and paler.

Most yellow sapphire comes from Sri Lanka, where it was discovered. However, sources are also found in the United States, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, and Madagascar. The sunny gem has a hardness of nine out of ten on the Mohs scale, making it a durable choice for all forms of jewelry. They naturally have excellent qualities that lend themselves to fine jewelry settings and designs.

Yellow Sapphire Pricing

Like most gems, yellow sapphire’s value can be affected by a variety of factors. Here are considerations to keep in mind when shopping for yellow sapphire.


Color is the biggest determiner of price when it comes to sapphire gems. In the case of yellow, those with a rich, canary yellow color are most valuable. This means the hue tends to be pure yellow and not tinted with oranges, browns, or greens. Additionally, the tone should not be too dark, or light and its rich saturation should be intense instead of pale.


Thankfully, yellow sapphires are naturally decently eye-clean. However, rutile needles are common clarity issues. Yellow sapphires tend to have fewer inclusions than other colors, as most are not flawless. However, an eye-clean stone is much more valued than one with noticeable inclusions.


Yellow sapphires are often found in a range of carats. However, they are a little denser than diamonds, meaning a sapphire and diamond of the same carat weight will have different dimensions. Yellow sapphire will be smaller than a diamond, despite having equal weights. This means you may want to check the measurements or dimensions along with the carat weight.


Yellow sapphires can come in many cuts. A cutter will often choose the best gem shape based on the raw stone. The cut should maximize the play of light, making the gem sparkle and shine. A dull sapphire isn’t as valuable as one that is vivid and brilliant. There are no standard cuts for yellow sapphire as there are for diamonds, so it is important to view how the cut affects the light return.

How Much Does a Yellow Sapphire Cost?

These gems are often quite affordable, especially when compared to yellow diamonds. However, its grade will affect the price. The grade of yellow sapphire is primarily based on color and clarity. Cut and carat can vary without affecting the price too much. AA stones, which are a lower grade, may have a pale color or hints of another hue. While AAA stones are vivid and eye-clean. The best grade AAAA stones are of high quality with intense, even color and no visible inclusions. With Clarity only uses AAA yellow sapphires with excellent color and clarity.

Yellow Sapphire Treatments

Heat treatment of yellow sapphire can be relatively common. Treating the gem with heat usually improves color and clarity. Heat treating a yellow sapphire doesn’t hurt the stone, and it can be tough to determine if a sapphire was treated or left untreated. Usually, treatment doesn’t affect the value of the gem.


Is yellow sapphire a valuable gem?

Yes, yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone that is steadily increasing in value.

What color of yellow sapphire is the best?

Canary yellow is the best color for yellow sapphire. It should also have even and intense color saturation.

Is yellow sapphire rarer than diamond?

No, yellow diamonds are much rarer, making a yellow sapphire a great alternative.

What does yellow sapphire symbolize?

Yellow sapphire symbolizes success, power, prosperity, wealth, and knowledge.

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