Your Guide to Women’s Wedding Band Styles

Your Guide to Women’s Wedding Band Styles

While attention seems to always be focused on the engagement ring itself, that does mean that wedding bands are not important. In fact, it is quite the opposite. A wedding band signifies your commitment of marriage to your significant other and really makes your ring setting extra special.

Here at With Clarity, you can find nice women's wedding bands for a reasonable price. Our team will walk you through all the details so that you can make the best possible purchase to ensure the wedding band is a perfect fit for your bride and her engagement ring.

Women's Wedding Bands: The Metals

One of the most important factors in searching for a wedding band is choosing the right metal for your selection - from women's yellow gold wedding bands with diamonds to sterling silver women's wedding bands, there is something for every lifestyle and taste. We currently offer plenty of options to choose from, including white gold, platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold.

White Gold

The standard for elegance and simplicity, a white gold band emits a silver tone with just a bit of a white hue. The sober coloring ages gracefully and suits women of every age, but you should know, however, that some white gold bands are better suited for certain types of wear and use than others. 24kt gold bands, for example, are some of the purest rings available but damage easily, not the ideal choice for brides with active lifestyles prone to scratches. On the other hand, an 18kt gold band is more durable, and a 14kt white gold ring will last even longer.


Platinum rings have a higher purity than other materials, giving them a naturally cooler tone but also a higher price tag.

In addition to being purer and denser, platinum bands are also more durable. When platinum is scratched, the metal is not lost as it happens with white gold or other metals. Instead, the scratches blend in what is known as a patina finish - a kind of matte look that can embellish your ring and give it a vintage look over time.

In short, platinum bands are more durable than white gold bands - a better fit for active lifestyles. The caveat is that they tend to be a bit pricer, but a wedding ring is an investment worth the price.

Yellow Gold

The yellow gold wedding bands are the quintessential and most popular wedding bands, deriving their warm look from the mixing of pure gold with silver and copper. The yellow finish is a fashionable finish that pairs well with any outfit and never goes out of style - chances are, at least one of your grandmothers got one of these rings back on her special day.

Yellow gold wedding bands are slightly less durable than those made of platinum. However, One advantage unique to choosing a honey, warm color is that it sets up an interesting contrast with the diamond or gemstone.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a new favorite among wedding bands. The metal composition consists of pure gold combined with the copper that imbues it with reddish tones. Rose gold has the same metal percentages as the other colors, but it requires more polishing and cleaning to maintain its pinkish hues. If you want something young and vibrant, this is your pick - just expect to do a bit more maintenance than with other women's mixed metal wedding bands.

Women's Wedding Bands: The Styles

When buying a ring to pop the big question, you can choose not just the diamond and band metal but also the shape and design of the band itself. Women's twisted wedding bands, for example, are the perfect balance between simple and intricate. With Clarity is a great one-stop destination not just for our inventory, but also because we match bands for all the engagement ring styles we carry. The following list will help you customize a unique ring as special as your love:

Metal Bands

Metal bands come with many designs and layouts. Some are adorned with delicate sketching while others twist in elegant designs, like the women's rope wedding band. One of the defining features of metal bands is that they are not necessarily encrusted with diamonds, specially women's flat wedding bands.


The solitaire band is one of the most simple and yet elegant choices. It features a sleek, slim design that accentuates and elongates most ring fingers.

Bands With Diamonds

There are many different types of bands with diamonds. Some only have diamonds on a section of the band, while others have them for the entire length of the ring. Bands with diamonds are a favorite among those who wish to convey a sense of luxury with their wedding ring.

Eternity Bands

Similar to the solitaire design, eternity bands feature a simple, delicate ring usually smooth but also sometimes with small designs and twists. The effortless, think look of the rim conjures the ease and comfort hoped for every marriage.

Band Details

Sizing, placement and number of accent diamonds are yet some of other ways to further customize your ring and give it a special look. Below, we feature some of our favorite choices:

  • Pave Set Diamonds. The pave set diamond ring consists of a line of diamonds adorning the wedding band. They don't cover the full length of the ring, covering instead only the front-facing section and emphasizing an elegant simplicity.
  • Milgrain Metal Finishing. Like the pave set diamonds design, the Milgrain metal finishing has a part of the wedding band covered in diamonds. The difference is that the bejeweled section is framed by a line of smaller, sparkly jewels, elevating the elegance and luxury of the wedding ring - truly a stunning women's pave wedding band.
  • Bezel Set Diamonds. Bezel set diamonds are the type most commonly associated with women's wedding bands. A center stone sits front and center of the ring, securely held by a metal rim. They come in different colors and metal composition, but the women's wedding bands white gold is very popular.
  • Channel Set Diamonds. In the history of women's mixed metal wedding bands, the channel set diamonds piece is one of the all-time favorites. The diamonds adorning the front of the wedding band are cut in a square shape, indicating a refined and traditional taste.

Wedding Band Cost

Prices for wedding rings vary greatly, but the average women’s wedding band cost is just north of $1,000. There are different factors that contribute to the overall price of the band such as metal type and accent diamonds. With Clarity’s prices are reasonable enough to provide an entry point to almost everyone.. As always, remember that we are here to answer any questions you might have about the wedding band purchase process.


Which is the best metal for a women's wedding band?

Platinum is the best choice if you are looking for a sophisticated, durable, and hypoallergenic option. Otherwise, you can opt for white gold for a similar look or rose gold for a contemporary appeal. Yellow gold is perfect for those who like a more traditional look.

Should the wedding band match the engagement ring?

Ideally, the wedding band should match the engagement ring so that both can be worn together and can sit flush against one another. However, it is not a rule but a matter of preference. At With Clarity, we have matching wedding bands for every engagement ring on-site.

How much does a women's wedding band cost?

Prices for wedding rings vary greatly, but the average cost for a women’s wedding band is approximately $1,000. Different factors contribute to the overall price of the band, such as the metal and the presence/absence of diamonds.

Is a wedding band with channel set diamonds a good choice?

Yes, a channel-set wedding band is an all-time favorite thanks to its classic appeal. It is both elegant and versatile, which helps it look great when paired with almost any engagement ring.
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