A Guide to Affordable Promise Rings

Affordable Promise Rings

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is given to a partner as a gift to show your commitment to a monogamous relationship. These days, people It is literally a ring that signifies a promise between two people, and it dates back to the 15th century. However, its use and use cases spread across various modern traditions over time.

What do promise rings mean?

The meaning behind a promise ring is the most important element. It is not just another piece of jewelry. It is a thoughtful gesture that communicates something(s) to the other party.

There is no particular explanation for the meaning of promise rings. This is because different people put different importance on promise rings. Your reasons for getting a promise ring may be unique to you and the other party. However, you must make your intentions clear to the other person.

There are some general use cases, which include;

A sign of friendship

Promise rings have evolved, and it does not always mean romantic love or marriage. Promise rings can also showcase eternal friendship or a lifetime bond that cannot be broken.

As a precursor to being engaged

A promise ring is a way of showing the seriousness and sincerity of a romantic relationship. It often signifies a serious relationship that will one day lead to marriage. When this happens, the promise ring represents a promise of engagement in the future.

To signify a promise.

The use cases of a promise ring are limitless. There are cases where two parties may decide to conceal the meaning of their promise rings. Perhaps, there is a deeper meaning that is too personal to share.

What is the difference between an engagement and a promise ring?

Engagement rings are given when a marriage proposal is made. Conversely, promise rings simply signify a promise made by 2 people. It could be the promise of marriage or any other commitment.

Also, unlike engagement rings, promise rings are not only meant for romantic couples.

Looking for affordable promise rings for her? Or are you blown away by him and want to purchase a male promise ring?

The history of promise rings

Generally, the history of rings is rich. It evolved from a symbolic ritual and tradition in ancient times to becoming a powerful token of promise and a decorative item. In prehistoric times, rings were worn on the neck, nose, ankles, ears, and lips.

The history of promise rings dates as far back as the 15th century. However, its use and significance have changed over time.

With the rise of the Egyptian empire, the tradition of wearing rings on the finger was born. Subsequently, rings were used to represent a person due to the ability to imprint signs on them. Also, they became a symbol of commitment and future promise (This is how engagement rings and marriage rings became a thing).

However, the earliest example of a promise ring can be traced to Ancient Greek civilization. Greek mythological tales mentioned that rings were exchanged to solidify a pact (between two people, between a person and a god, and even between 2 cities)

Also, around that period, the Romans had "betrothal rings" (two rings engraved with the names of the betrothed couple) that signified a promise.

During the 16th century, promise rings became a way to signify love or friendship. This was when it became more popular as a placeholder before marriage. It was given to women by men who could not afford to get married straight away.

Tips on Buying an Affordable Promise Ring

Promise rings are typically simpler and less elaborate when compared to engagement rings.

Promise rings mostly feature intricate designs that represent the people wearing them.

The most common metals to use with promise include gold (14kt white gold, 14kt yellow gold, and 14kt rose gold). The higher the quality and purity of the gold, the more expensive a promise ring will become, so choose the metal selectively.

With clarity, you can check for an assortment of amazing bands that can be used as promise rings.

If you need a wedding band on a budget, then you need to consider some factors;

  • Choice of metal
  • Presence or absence of gems/diamonds

Both factors affect the price of promise rings. It is common to have promise rings in 14kt white gold, 14kt yellow gold, and 14kt rose gold.

The type of diamond or gemstone to pair with these metals depends on your budget. Diamonds can be expensive, however there are ways make promise rings with diamond more affordable. Opt for lab grown diamonds, non-certified preset rings or cluster rings that feature diamonds. These are some style variations that can ensure the rings you're purchasing will be within budget. Looking to maximize your budget? Opt for a solitaire with a center diamond, so that the larger part of your budget can be spent on the diamond.


What finger does a promise ring go on?

It is subjective. However, it is common to have promise rings on the left ring finger. However, there are cases where it is put on the right ring finger to avoid confusing it with an engagement ring.

What does a promise ring mean?

It can mean many things; incoming engagement, friendship, a unique promise, and so on. Summarily, it is a way to show commitment or a reminder of a promise made.

How long should a couple be together before a promise ring is given?

The timing of a promise ring depends on the people involved. Remember, it could mean different things to different people. Perhaps you could have connected deeply with a friend for 3-6 months, and you have to go away a long distance; that's one of the many opportunities for a promise ring.

Can a girl buy a guy a promise ring?

Absolutely. As far back as the early 20th century, it became acceptable.

Can you buy yourself a promise ring?

Yes. As stated earlier in this article, a promise ring can signify a promise to yourself. For instance, promise rings can suffice if you decide to stay away from sex until marriage or choose to stop a particular addiction.

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