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Best White Gold Promise Rings

Best White Gold Promise Rings

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring you give to a person when you want to take your relationship more seriously. It is more than just a metal band, it is a promise to love and care for your partner. A promise ring also signifies hope for the future of a relationship. However, it doesn't promise marriage like engagement rings.

People have been giving promise rings, like white gold promise rings, to their partners since ancient times. Romans offered promise rings to their female partners during 2nd century BC as a promise to marry them. According to ancient Roman laws, couples had to wait for a certain period after announcing an intention to marry.

Despite being an old tradition, promise rings are becoming very trendy recently. The growing trend of couples promising to live a life together without committing to marriage or making any decision has made promise rings so much more important.

Promise rings are available in various metals like platinum, palladium, silver, white gold, and yellow gold. If you are looking for an elegant and chic promise ring, then you should choose white gold. This type of metal looks sophisticated and beautiful. Most importantly, it goes perfectly well with every look that you have.

White gold looks pretty and doesn't rust or corrode as easily. Since they are more malleable than platinum, making delicate and intricate designs can be much easier. Therefore, you can find pretty pieces and delicate options that are sometimes hard to find in platinum or yellow gold promise rings.

Factors to Choose a Promise Ring

Before purchasing simple white gold promise rings, you should consider some very important factors.


White gold promise rings look fancy but are less flashy. From basic solitaire rings, to rings with intricate elements like milgrain detailing, they are available in a range of designs. Make sure to consider your partner's preferences before making a decision.


You have various gemstones to choose from, including natural and lab diamonds. Choose a stone based on your budget, symbolism, visual appeal, partner's preferences, and type of ring style.

Gemstone Shape

Choosing the right gemstone shape is important to get your desired final look. Some popular cuts or shapes include princess, round, emerald, and cushion.

Accent Gems

While minimalist promise rings are trendier, rings with accent stones and great detailing have their own importance. So, choose a ring with accent gems if you want something heavier.

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Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are some tips to keep in mind to prevent damaging or corroding your white gold rings.

  • Keep your ring in a soft cloth bag or the original bag to reduce the risk of damage and scratches.
  • Store your ring separately from other jewelry items.
  • Buy rings from a reliable and reputable brand to ensure you are getting a quality ring.
  • Always consider your budget and your partner's preferences while choosing a ring for your partner.


What is The Difference between an Engagement and a Promise Ring?

An engagement ring symbolizes a promise of marriage, while a promise ring is simply a promise to support and love each other till the end of their life.

Which Finger Should You Wear a Promise Ring on?

Generally, people wear these rings in their middle finger of the left hand. Some also wear white gold rings on their ring and middle finger of the right hand.

How Long after Promise Ring do you get engaged?

There is no obligation- you can get engaged at any time. It’s up to you and your partner when you take that next step. Typically promise rings are worn for a year or more before getting engaged.

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