Gemstone Ring Proposal Guide

Gemstone Ring Proposal Guide

Love really is a splendid thing, and what better way to celebrate togetherness than to propose to your significant other? An engagement proposal is a cause for great excitement, as you tell the world just how much you love with one another, and confirm your intention to wed. Your proposal should be special, so we put together a little ring proposal guide, highlighting gemstone engagement rings!

Engagement Proposal Ideas

Your engagement proposal should be all about love, and it should definitely be something you will both remember and treasure forever. You can go for brash and bold, small and intimate, or something in between.

Public proposals can work wonderfully well, and popping the question in your favorite restaurant or at a celebrated landmark can add excitement (expect claps and cheers from bystanders)!

If you prefer to keep it more private, you could cook a romantic meal at home, play your favorite songs, and wait for the perfect moment to propose.

Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Tradition dictates getting down on one knee and surprising your intended with a little heart-shaped box containing a diamond engagement ring. Whilst we think this will put a smile on the face of any fiancé(e)-to-be, there are other options to consider.

Shopping Together

Instead of shopping solo, you could go shopping together after the engagement proposal. Wedding rings can then be purchased at the same time, allowing you to find rings that complement one another. Happy couples can browse together and choose pretty gemstone engagement rings and striking gemstone wedding rings to match.

How About a "Non-Conventional" Approach?

You can also give some thought to the type of engagement ring you would like to buy. Instead of conventional diamonds how about colored or vintage gemstone rings? A blue gemstone such as a London Blue Topaz or Aquamarine can look dazzling. Similarly, green gemstones such as Peridot look just as spectacular when set in a beautiful band.

The key is to get to know your gemstones, and thankfully you don't have to be an expert in gems to do that.

The 4C's: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat

The 4C's color, cut, clarity, and carat each play a part in determining the value of the gem.

The color (hue) is considered important, and rare colors are high in value e.g. in the blue topaz family, London Blue Topaz, with its deep blue hue and touch of green or gray, is considered very valuable.

The cut refers to the quality of the gemstone's angles and proportions, its symmetry, and how well its finished. Gems can be cut in numerous shapes, such as oval, and cushion cuts. The cut impacts on the look and sparkle.

Clarity wise, eye-clean gems carry a higher price, but when it comes to colored gemstones, inclusions (or flaws) aren't always noticeable. Therefore, flaws within a stone like Ruby, won't necessarily detract from the charm of the gem.

The carat of the gem refers to its weight - the bigger the carat, the more expensive the price tag. This saying applies to all gemstones, including white and colored diamonds.

With Clarity Ring Selection

At With Clarity, we offer a wide range of striking gemstone engagement rings. A majority of our gemstone rings can hold 0.5 to 2.0 carats. To add more customization options, we offer 14kt and 18kt in white/yellow/rose gold and platinum. Gather some inspiration below!

Solitaire Rings

Classic and elegant, solitaire rings have a central stone, providing a striking focal point.

Oval Aquamarine and Lab Diamond Classic Solitaire Under-Halo Ring

Oval Aquamarine and Lab Diamond Classic Solitaire Under-Halo Ring

This ring has the perfect blend of simplicity and style. It has the silhouette of a classic solitaire complemented by the unexpectedness of a hidden or under halo. The Oval Aquamarine center stone sits pretty on top of a polished band. Underneath the central gem is a halo of lab-created diamonds that bring a stunning yet modest sparkle.

Classic Rings

Traditional simplicity meets unique looks, resulting in classic rings proving popular with many. These rings typically have accent diamonds on the band to add a special touch.

Round Sapphire and Lab Diamond Classic Solitaire Under-Halo Ring With Studded Shank

Round Sapphire and Lab Diamond Classic Solitaire Under-Halo Ring With Studded Shank

This stunner is ready to give your finger that subtle sparkle and unique touch of color. On a studded band sits a round Sapphire with a regal appeal. A diamond halo sitting below the center stone gives this ring a distinctive look.

Contemporary Rings

With their modish looks, contemporary rings are on-trend and unique. They often have striking features and come in artistic shapes.

Oval Citrine Petite Twisted Lab Diamond Ring

Oval Citrine Petite Twisted Lab Diamond Ring

Expect this ring to leave a touch of sophistication to your looks. A plain and polished band gracefully intertwines with a petite diamond pavé band. Dotting the center is a Oval Citrine with a rich color.

Three Stone Rings

Finally, we have three stone rings, symbolizing the past, present, and future. Bold and truly eye-catching these rings will demonstrate the strength of your love and commitment.

Three Stone Classic Round Shape Emerald Ring With Lab Diamond Halo

Three Stone Classic Round Shape Emerald Ring With Lab Diamond Halo

A glamorous three-stone halo ring with the ultimate wow factor. This piece features a large central Emerald supported on either side by two smaller round Emeralds. Each richly colored gem is framed by a halo of lab-grown diamonds.

Affordable Gemstone Rings: Budget-friendly & Beautiful!

Unique gemstone rings certainly stand out from the crowd. Colored stones are not as conventional as diamonds, but they have grown steadily in popularity. At less per carat than diamonds, gemstone rings are a good buy, so you can get more for your money. There are many affordable gemstones to choose from, including London Blue Topaz, Peridot, and Amethyst.

Gemstone rings are less expensive to buy online due to the way precious stones are sold and distributed. By shopping online, you'll be able to browse a large selection and compare prices. If you are going to save money buying a beautiful engagement ring you could both get one

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