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Pink Sapphire Cost

When did Pink Sapphires become popular?

Pink Sapphires become popular a few years ago when it became widely accepted to be proud about loving the color pink. There was a period when people were shy to reveal their love for this beautiful color.

Today, pink sapphire engagement rings are highly sought after. Especially when color themes are being introduced to weddings more and more often, such as “blush themed.” Pink sapphires are a great way for someone to display their favorite color on their finger. Pink sapphire is the perfect alternative to pink diamonds, which can come at a very daunting price that most can’t afford.

Famous People who have Worn Pink Sapphire Jewelry

When Meghan Markle made her post-pregnancy announcement, she was wearing a pink sapphire cocktail ring.

Celebrity Nicole Richie has a gorgeous pink sapphire engagement ring. Additionally, both Lily Collins and Blake Lively have stunning pink sapphire rings.

Pink Sapphire Cost Factors

The cost of pink sapphire can vary. On average, a 1-carat pink sapphire gemstone can be purchased for anywhere between $900-3000. The price variation is due to the brightness of the gemstone, along with some other characteristics such as clarity. The 4Cs (cut, clarity, carat and color) are the main four factors that will determine the price of pink sapphire. Let’s go through each one of these 4Cs in detail now.

Carat Weight

We now know that a 1-carat pink sapphire gemstone can cost anywhere between $900 to $3000 depending on the quality. Instead of focusing on a specific carat weight that you want, it might be better to focus on the overall quality and beauty of the pink sapphire gemstone. This has more of an impact on the stone’s appearance than the carat weight. Some prefer smaller pink sapphires, whereas some want a pink sapphire gemstone that is over 3 carats, so consider your preferences first.


Pink sapphires come in a variety of pink shades. You can find them in very pale shades of pink, but also bright vivid hues of pink like magenta. The most valuable pink sapphires are ones with bright and rich pink shades with a slight purple overtone.

Unlike diamonds, pink sapphires don’t have one standard color-grading scale. This can sometimes make it difficult to determine the value of a pink sapphire gemstone. However, some guidelines are

followed, such as richer shades of pink coming at a higher price tag. Even though brighter pink sapphires are more valuable, some prefer darker shades. Thus, it’s best to use your judgment when picking the perfect pink sapphire gemstone for your jewelry choices.

When it comes to the color of pink sapphires, keep in mind that most of the gemstones are exposed to heat treatment to get rid of, or soften some of the purple overtones they might have. It’s quite rare to find untreated natural pink sapphires. If you do come across those gemstones, you will see a certificate to prove that it’s untreated. This doesn’t mean that untreated pink sapphires are better than treated ones, they’re just rarer. Heat treating pink sapphires is widely accepted, and not something that lowers their value.


Cut is another factor that contributes to the cost of pink sapphire. They don’t come in all the standard cuts that diamonds do. The value of the cut of pink sapphires normally depends on the gem cutter. They cut each pink sapphire to maximize the specific stone’s brilliance and clarity. Since pink sapphires come in a variety of pink colors, different cuts will enhance their color. Synthetic yellow sapphires are popular, being commonly used in jewelry such as engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Well-cut pink sapphires should be symmetrical. The cut should reflect light at all the right angles, to show off the luster of the gemstone. If the pink sapphire has more of a light or pale pink color, the gem cutters will cut deeper into the stone to provide more of a dark color. If the gemstone is too dark of a shade of pink, the gem cutter will usually only do a shallow cut to allow more light to reach the stone, softening the overall appearance and color.

You will know if a cut is of poor quality if the pink sapphire appears to be dull and has no luster.


Unlike the other 3Cs, clarity doesn’t have the same impact on the value of a pink sapphire. The process of grading clarity is fairly general. Gemologists usually won’t use a magnifying process to inspect them. They still examine them carefully though.

The most important thing that affects the value of pink sapphire is whether or not the gemstone is “eye-clean.” That term refers to if you can see inclusions with the naked eye or not. Cleaner, “eye-clean” pink sapphires are more valuable.

When it comes to inclusions, almost all pink sapphires have some form of blemishes or inclusions. Especially natural pink sapphires. Pink sapphires have something that is referred to as “silk” which refers to the rutile needles inside of them. Thus, pink sapphires with no inclusions whatsoever might be fake.

If you’re able to find a pink sapphire that is graded as VS (very slightly included) or VVS (very very slightly included) those are the best clarity grade ranges.

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Overall, pink sapphire jewelry pieces are a worthwhile purchase to make. They are beautiful and timeless. They are popular right now, and only increasing in popularity. Loving the color pink is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of.


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