Pink Sapphire Value and Worth

How Much is Pink Sapphire Worth?

Pink sapphires are a rare and beautiful gemstone that continually increases in popularity each year. Before the 1990s, they were extremely rare. Once pink sapphire mines were discovered in Madagascar, the quantity of this gemstone increased tremendously, making them more affordable.

If you’re thinking of purchasing something with pink sapphire in it, you might be wondering how much this pink gemstone is worth. Below is a guide with everything you need to know about pink sapphire’s value and worth.

Pink Sapphire Popularity

Pink sapphire has only increased in popularity in the last couple of decades. This has inspired more and more people to get pieces of jewelry with this gemstone such as pink sapphire earrings, pink sapphire necklaces and pink sapphire rings, including pink sapphire engagement rings.

Pink sapphire has a very feminine color, making them perfect for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry.

Pink Sapphire in the Past

Since pink sapphires were discovered, they have been a symbol of love. The earliest mentions of sapphires go as far back as the Roman Empire when people would wear sapphires as a good luck charm. They believed sapphires provided them with protection.

In Asian lore, pink sapphires have been compared to the lotus flower. This sacred flower represents beauty and purity.

Pink Sapphire Today

Today, sapphire is the birthstone of September. Pink sapphire is known to symbolize femininity, truth, love, and romance. Their meaning, along with their soothing and delicate pink color makes pink sapphire the perfect gemstone for engagement rings.

What is Pink Sapphire?

Pink sapphire is a type of sapphire. Most people think of the color blue when it comes to sapphires, but they range from green to pink. Pink sapphires come in all shades of pink and can have hints of purple or orange.

Pink sapphires are part of the corundum family. Inside them, you can find traces of the minerals iron, copper, and titanium. Other minerals such as magnesium and chromium are found inside as well. The quantity of each of these minerals is what determines the end color of the pink sapphire. For example, the more chromium a gemstone has, the deeper pink it will be.

Pink Sapphire Pricing

The value of pink sapphire depends on several factors. The four main factors are the 4 C’s (color, clarity, carat and cut). Let’s go through them now.


Pink sapphires come in a range of pink shades. This can be anything from pale pink to very bright and vivid magenta. The most valuable pink sapphires are those with a rich pink hue. If it has purple overtones, that’s even better.

Unlike some other gemstones, there isn’t one main system to evaluate the color of pink sapphires. It’s usually recommended to grade the color of a pink sapphire based on what looks most vibrant to you. Some people prefer bright pink sapphires, whereas others like darker pink sapphires.


The most important thing that contributes to the value of pink sapphire when it comes to clarity is whether or not the stone is “eye-clean.” The fewer inclusions you can see with your naked eye, the more expensive the gemstone will be. However, something to note is that most pink sapphires do come with some sort of inclusion. If you aren’t able to see any imperfections whatsoever, the stone might be fake.

There are two main popular clarity grades for pink sapphires - VS, which stands for very slightly included, or VVS, which means very very slightly included. If you find a pink sapphire that is one of those two ranges, you have a good gemstone.


Pink sapphires come in a variety of carat weights. You can find smaller pink sapphires or larger ones for something like a pink sapphire engagement ring. Like almost all other gemstones, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone will be. There is no one best carat weight, it depends entirely on your personal preference and budget.


The cut is an important part of any gemstone’s value, and pink sapphires are no different. The best pink sapphire cuts are the ones that show off the gemstones’ color, clarity and brilliance. They should be symmetrical, reflecting light at different angles. If a stone has a lighter pink tone, it might be cut deeper to make the pink sapphire appear to be darker. A pink sapphire that is badly cut will look very dull.

How Much Does Pink Sapphire Cost?

Pink sapphires are considered to be an affordable gemstone. Their cost depends on their clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. The more vivid and bright the pink color of the gemstone, the more expensive it will be. The fewer inclusions it has, the higher the price will be as well. An example price of a high-quality pink sapphire that weighs 1.5 carats is under $2000.

Pink Sapphire Treatments

When it comes to treatments, many pink sapphires undergo heat treatment. The main goal of this is to lessen the purple overtones the gemstone has. It’s rare to find untreated pink sapphires today and widely accepted that most pink sapphires are heat-treated.


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