Something Blue, Something Borrowed Jewelry Guide

Something Blue, Something Borrowed Jewelry Guide

Getting married is a dream of many, but getting married to your best friend, and your one true love is truly a dream come true. Many aspects make a wedding. While some may think that the wedding gown is most important, you can’t help but acknowledge the importance of jewelry.

Importance of Bridal Jewelry

From the engagement ring to the accessories you wear on your wedding day, jewelry can make or break a look. It should be chosen alongside the dress. Picking something borrowed and something blue can be quite daunting, especially if it is jewelry. Luckily, if you are on the hunt for a piece of jewelry that is borrowed or blue, we have your back!

Blue Rings

When looking for borrowed or blue jewelry you must first decide on the piece. Fortunately, blue is a great addition to any wedding as the bride is usually in white. This can accentuate the blue jewelry and vice versa.

A popular option for blue jewelry is a ring on the right hand. This might be a bit controversial if you are wanting to showcase your engagement and wedding ring on the day. However, some people love wearing a ton of jewelry and if that is you, a blue ring might be the best option for you.


If you are a bride that doesn’t like wearing a lot of different rings and you plan on wearing your hair up, consider blue earrings as something blue for your big day.

Aquamarine Drop Earrings

Aquamarine drop earrings are a fantastic choice. The drop shape of a gemstone is classic for a wedding. The drop is classic and yet very bold. It allows the earring to feature a larger stone without taking up a ton of space on the ear and looking too flashy.

A drop-shaped gemstone is usually hanging onto a smaller piece of metal that features tiny gems that will sparkle when the light hits them. The combination of tiny diamonds and an aquamarine gemstone add a crisp, modern, and luxurious touch to your wedding day.

Turquoise Studs

If you are considering something with a vintage style and a bit less sparkly, take a look at turquoise studs. Turquoise has a vintage feel and look great when you actually find a vintage pair. Turquoise ages beautifully and overtime gets warmer and deeper.

Studs that feature a large turquoise gemstone surrounded by tiny gemstones is a great option for a wedding day. They don’t hang as low as a drop earring and rest on the lobe perfectly.

Importance of Bridal Jewelry


The right necklace paired with the perfect wedding dress can completely tie the look together.

Blue Sapphire Infinity Pendant

If a necklace is more your style, a blue sapphire infinity pendant is a great choice for a wedding day. The infinity design signifies never ending life and love which is a beautiful symbol for a wedding day.

Depending on the cut of the dress, the pendant can rest on your neck in a way that ties your look together. Sapphire is a good choice for a wedding because it is a strong gemstone that is unlikely to break or scratch during the celebration.

Heart Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant.

If you want something a little less traditional and a bit more playful, try a Heart Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant. The heart shape is fun and whimsical while still looking elegant on your big day. The heart shape represents love universally, and is a beautiful addition to any wedding gown.


Bracelets are a great option for those who want to feature a bit more bling on their wrists without taking away too much attention from their rings.

Aquamarine Bolo Bracelet

The aquamarine bolo bracelet is a lovely choice for a modern look. The bracelet is dainty and delicate and yet features a beautiful gemstone at the front. The aquamarine is lighter in nature and blends well with platinum or white gold. It sparkles in the light and accents a modern white dress perfectly.

Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

If you are going for a more traditional look, a Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet is the ultimate choice. Sapphire is a glamorous and classic gemstone that is deep and bold. Sapphire is sturdy, and pairs beautifully with white or yellow gold.

Sapphire has a vintage feel and would pair beautifully with a wedding dress that has lots of intricate details. With Sapphire gemstones, the more the better. Choosing a bracelet with a row of sapphire stones will add to the vintage style.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Picking Jewelry For a Winter Wedding

When picking out jewelry of any type, make sure that you pick something that is true to you or your partners personal style. For example, ensure that the blue stone and the metal surrounding the stone complements your wedding dress.

If you are on a budget, discuss this budget with your partner before buying them the jewelry and if you are buying it for yourself, make sure you can afford it, don’t put yourself in a bad financial spot because of one piece of jewelry.

No matter what type of gemstone you choose, always make sure it comes from a reputable source with a good return policy and certified gemstones to ensure they are genuine

When looking for a blue gemstone, look for colors that are radiant and not too light or not too saturated. These little details ensure you get a genuine gemstone that is of high quality.


What is the best blue jewelry?

The best blue jewelry is simply the one that means the most to you. Maybe you have a piece that is special and sentimental or maybe there's a tone or a stone that you prefer.

Which metal best complements a blue gem?

The best metal to complement a blue gem is often thought of as white gold as silver metal tones and blue go great together. However, depending on the tone of blue, sometimes yellow gold is the better choice.

Which blue gem is the most durable?

Sapphire is the most durable blue gem.

Do you have to wear something blue on your wedding day?

You don’t have to wear anything on your wedding day you don’t want to. However, blue is the color of love, and faithfulness and is a great choice if you would like to keep with the tradition of wearing something blue on the special day.
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