What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring?

Promise Ring Sayings

Promise rings symbolize love, loyalty, and commitment and are considered a pre-engagement ring for couples. The popularity of this loving gesture continues to gain popularity.

What Are Promise Rings?

Believe it or not, promise rings have existed since ancient times. Laws stated that couples had to wait a specific amount of time between announcing an intention to marry, and the marriage ceremony. As a result, Roman brides wore promise rings during the 2nd century BC as a symbol of a promise of marriage.

Promise rings are considered a step up from dating, and the ring can represent whatever promise that you want to make to your girlfriend (or boyfriend). There are a variety of reasons to give a loved one a promise ring. Some give a promise ring before moving away, while others give a promise ring to represent their commitment to one another.

Today both men and women wear promise rings. Some couples choose to pick out a matching set, and some men purchase a promise ring for their loved one as a symbol of love and devotion.

What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring?

Speak from the heart when giving your special someone a promise ring. Some find it helpful to gather their thoughts ahead of time and some write it down (it will be a cherished keepsake later). To get you thinking, we’ve prepared some ideas of what to say, and also what not to say.

Here are some ideas on what you can say:

  • Consider this ring a promise of my everlasting love and loyalty.
  • By giving you this ring, I promise to love and cherish you forever.
  • This ring is a symbol of my love and faithfulness. I only want to be with you.
  • I love you and want to be with you now and always. Please accept this ring as a promise of my commitment to you.
  • You mean the world to me, and I want to give you this ring as my promise to marry you in the future.

Here are some ideas of what NOT to say:

  • I’m not sure where our relationship is headed, but here’s a promise ring.
  • I know you’d like a promise ring, so here you go.
  • I’m not sure we’ll always be together, but here’s a ring because that’s the next step in this relationship.
  • Our relationship is pretty good, so here’s a promise ring.

As promise rings have gained popularity, more designs are available so you can find the perfect ring for your love–from cute to stunning. Here are some favorite styles.

Vine diamond promise ring

Vine diamond promise ring

This romantic metal vine twists with one diamond accented one to create a stunning ring featuring 0.19 cts of accent diamonds.

Solitaire diamond promise ring

Solitaire diamond promise ring

This classic, best selling 4-prong set ring focuses all the attention to the solitaire diamond. You can customize the setting (round, princess, cushion, oval, or asscher) and metal (rose, white, yellow gold or platinum).

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Helpful Hints on Choosing a Promise Rings

  • A promise ring carries the meaning of love and commitment, and it is a sentimental piece of jewelry. Only give it to your partner if you truly mean it and want to take your relationship to a deeper level.
  • Speak from your heart and express your feelings. It’s hard to think on your toes in such a moment, so some choose to write down thoughts ahead of time. Plus, this piece of paper is something your loved one will cherish forever.
  • Take your budget, and your partner’s likes and dislikes into consideration before making the final decision.
  • Buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns/exchange if you’re dissatisfied with the product. Research the warranty, reputation of the company and the exchange/refund policy.


What finger does a promise ring go on?

Most people choose to wear a promise ring on their ring finger on the left hand. Some people choose to move the promise ring to the right hand once they are married.

How long after dating should you give a promise ring?

Every couple is different based on circumstances and age, so there’s not a standard amount of time to date before proposing. An average amount of time is one to three years.

Do you get on one knee for a promise ring?

There is no need to get down on one knee for a promise ring because it is not the same as an engagement. You can create a memorable moment to give a promise ring.

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